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Credit union: In New Jersey, there are 156 headquartered credit unions that operate more than 300 active branch offices. Those offices serve the more than one million New Jersey residents that conduct their banking with credit unions. The largest credit union in the state is Affinity Federal Credit Union, which serves over 177,000 New Jersey residents. This cooperative has been serving members since 1935. While there are a few ways to join as a member, this cooperative primarily serves communications and utility employees. 

Like in other states, to join a credit union, you must meet their membership requirements. There are several that offer membership based on where you work or your profession, such as teachers and police officers. There are multiples also limited to employees of certain companies, like Novartis. However, you can still find several that offer membership based on where you live. These community-based credit unions allow anyone who lives/works/worships in that area to join. 

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    Car insurance: Auto insurance in New Jersey is notorious for being expensive, especially if you live in a New York City suburb. The state is densely populated, so this means more accidents and property damage to vehicles. When you live in a place that already charges you higher rates, you should be on the lookout for discounts wherever you can. Check with your credit union to see what kinds of discounts they offer their members. 

    It does not appear that credit unions in New Jersey underwrite their own auto insurance policies. However, several partner with TruStage to get plans for their members at discounted rates. TruStage works with credit unions across the country to provide auto insurance for credit union members at a discounted price. If your credit union doesn’t partner with TruStage, ask them if they have any arrangements with local companies or brokers. Car insurance in New Jersey isn’t optional. 

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